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Enders was bouncy and jocular, as a video of the event shows. She speaks rapidly, hardly able to contain her excitement, describing the components of the digestive system and lamenting its poor reputation. The crowd was smitten.

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Enders won the competition and went on to participate in two more science slams in Karlsruhe and Berlin. Soon, videos of her presentations were attracting attention online, and a literary agent contacted her about writing a book. FANS have praised Ms. Enders for translating abstruse gastroenterological research into breezy, entertaining prose.

In her book, she catalogs the myriad elaborate operations that our guts dutifully perform every day, like the cleaning mechanism that kicks in a few hours after we eat and keeps the small intestine — all 20 or so feet of it — remarkably tidy. Enders calls it, turns out to be the real source of the grumbling that most attribute to the stomach and mistake as a sign of hunger. Then there is the growing body of research indicating that our intestines may have a far greater influence on our feelings, decisions and behavior than previously realized. The primary evidence for this, Ms.

Enders writes, is the vast network of nerves attached to our guts that monitors our deepest internal experiences and sends information to the brain, including to those regions responsible for self-awareness, memory and even morality. Enders refers to it. But this byzantine neural architecture suggests that our intestines may play a large part in determining who we are and what we do. These essential but little-known features of our guts — our identities at their most raw and visceral, Ms. Enders suggests — have riveted Germans. The surprising popularity of Ms. Profanity here tends to skew to the scatological, and Germans are, according to stereotypes, obsessed with order and neatness. Enders dismisses such talk, noting that the book has also topped best-seller lists in Finland, the Netherlands and elsewhere.

She suggests that its appeal lies in its frank treatment of topics usually left undiscussed.

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Her parents split up when she was young, and her father was an irregular presence during her childhood. Instead, it was her mother, a former documentary filmmaker, and grandmother who raised Ms. Say, for instance, that time you were at the theatres and after noticing a cute worker selling popcorn, your mind drifted off into a daydream.

You imagined the person asking you out on a date, then taking a trip together, then wedding bells were in the picture When your head runs away with itself and starts to direct its own movie, which it often does in your 20s, count on the Germans to have a word for it - Kopfkino.

Getting through your 20s can be a little stressful. But German is here to help you talk about it!

Photo: Sodanie Chea on Flickr. This fear at the start of the decade might propel you into graduate school to bide more time before having to really face Your Future. This fear also might make you avoid certain family and friend gatherings, knowing too well that the f-word will inevitably come up, particularly if you mention that you're working as a waitress, yes, even with that degree. Or because you know that there are ever more expectations hiding around the corner of the next ten years. Ahem, babies. Morgenstern pic. It's not just the destination, but the journey, right?

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And your twenties, with few responsibilities, old-age-induced ailments and still plenty of energy, are a great time to focus less on what the end goal is, and more on the general process of living. But more fundamentally, it's about making life "magical in myriad ways by putting a positive spin on everything and by taking pleasure in little things others might overlook," as the German Information Center puts it.

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Whether just graduated, just dumped or just now trying to figure yourself out, sometimes you're just at a loss for words in your twenties. But Germans are here to help. Fernweh - longing for a far off place To be fair, you might get further if you choose a mode of transport that isn't wind-powered.

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Photo: Moyan Brenn on Flickr You've probably had this itchy-feet feeling at least once during your twenties of Fernweh - literally a woeful longing for a distant place. April Get notified about breaking news on The Local.

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